Ready for IIoT – Upgrade your CAB-measuring instruments now!

Modernize to Digitize …

Ready for IIoT – Upgrade your CAB-measuring instruments now!

Together for more strength

This year, we all face a special challenge. To be best prepared for the economical upturn, many of our customers are focusing on optimizing their entire value chain - especially with the goal of making better use of existing resources. One focus is on increasing machine availability and the associated increase in productivity.

Here, the additional introduction of digitized tools can be pivotal. We would like to make our contribution to a smooth balancing process in your company and have decided to combine our innovative Schenck ONE software solutions with the modernization of measuring instruments. This will enable you to increase machine availability and productivity, streamline processes and ensure added reliability.

Weak point – old measuring device

You may have noticed that some of our measuring instruments, which have been in use for decades, can no longer be maintained reliably due to a lack of spare parts.

What does this mean for you?

The options of displaying measured values, as well as their documentation and export, is very limited with older measuring instruments. A measuring instrument defect can easily disrupt your process, leading to a production stoppage.

What can I do?

In order to prevent a halt in production due to a sudden measuring instrument failure, we recommend that you regularly modernize your measuring instruments. Modern measuring instruments offer a higher functional range and enable you to break new ground in the balancing process. They are therefore an effective means of increasing productivity.

Advantages of the new measuring device

The measuring instrument is the heart of every balancing machine - comparable to the engine in a car. By modernizing the machine, you upgrade it and secure production for many more years to come.

A modernization of the measuring instrument is also more economical than the purchase of a new machine. You receive a full 12-month warranty on every upgrade.

The installation is very easy: The measuring device can be integrated "plug and play" into the existing control cabinet of many machines. When the measuring device is installed, the calibration of the machine is checked and adjusted if necessary.

Our tip: Take advantage of the current situation of lower capacity utilization for modernization! This way you are well prepared when production starts up again.

Schenck ONE –
Software solution for modern production

With Schenck ONE you benefit from the digital future of modern data use. With access to data independent of time and location, you always have an overview of your production. Important machine and quality KPIs are readily available on demand for reacting to short-term events, as well as for deeper analysis and process improvement. Worldwide.

Reduce the effort and therefore the costs of administrative tasks with automated, paperless processes from Schenck ONE and have access to your current and historical data at all times.

The future package


CAB820 und CAB920

  • Latest, powerful hardware (IPC, PLC)
  • Windows10 IoT Enterprise operating system
  • Operation of the machine via touch screen and intuitive operator guidance
  • Extension of the basic software by a wide range of software options (such as unbalance correction options)
  • Modern interfaces
  • Warranty on the measuring device

Schenck ONE

  • mySchenck ONE access (for up to 3 users)
  • SchenckONE machine data interface
  • SchenckONE AssetManager (for up to 3 users)
  • SchenckONE SmartCockpit (free 6-month trial version)
  • SchenckONE RotorDataCenter (free 6-month trial)

Are you interested?

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A Versatile Portable Balancer with Numerous Capabilities

Modulare Bauweise für viele Anwendungen – Messsoftware Schenck ONE unterstützt entlang des gesamten Auswuchtprozesses.  



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