Remote maintenance – An obvious alternative

For many of our customers it is not uncommon that they hardly ever see our service staff. Especially when it comes to measuring devices and controls. In the age of fast Internet, these devices can be serviced online. This is environmentally friendly and cost effective: in error diagnosis and removal as well as in the installation of software updates and upgrades. Upon request, our experts will provide online tips for the optimum use and operation of your machine or system.

Fingerprint – Your balancing system in expert hands

Intelligent, fast and flexible – our advanced machine analysis tool

Using existing measurement and analysis technology of the balancing machine for the assessment of machine status and error analysis has proven to be highly successful. The fingerprint analysis tool has already supported nearly 500 machines around the world.

Existing CAB measurement technology and vibration sensors are used to analyse the signals of the balancing machine and to evaluate the measured  vibration patter.

In practice, it works as follows: Prior to delivery, and during initial commissioning, our service engineers record the first vibration pattern of the new machine. This “machine fingerprint” with its very specific characteristics is archived and forms the basis for comparison for all other activities.

A regular fingerprint allows not only fast and specific troubleshooting, but also supports regular machine monitoring for the purposes of preventive maintenance - adapted to the actual conditions of use.

Avoid unplanned downtimes of your machine

During preventive maintenance, a fingerprint of the machine is also recorded at regular intervals and compared with the archived data. This enables the drawing of conclusions on the status of the machine and the very accurate detection of wear, faults or damage. Incipient problems are thereby identified at an early stage, so that repairs can be scheduled - everything for the continuous quality of your product.

Improve the effectiveness of your maintenance

But even if a failure occurs, the fingerprint speeds up location and identification of the cause. Our service technician records a current fingerprint of machine on-site, sends it via the Internet to our service centre, and after detailed analysis promptly receives a current status report. This way the technician can search specifically for the real causes. And your machine is once again operational within the shortest amount of time.

An essential requirement for the active use of the “machine fingerprint” is a measuring device of the CAB900 series with a current software version. You can also benefit from the many advantages of a maintenance contract and traceable measuring equipment.



Impressive Success of Schenck's Japanese Joint Venture

The Japanese Schenck joint venture has achieved impressive success through acquisition and sustained growth in orders.



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