Spin test systems

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Spin test systems Centrio 20 – 270 - SCHENCK RoTec GmbH

Spin test systems

In spin test systems, rotating components are tested under centrifugal force. These are proven test stands, which are specially designed for the development and production, as well as the quality assurance of e-mobility rotors, jet engines, gas turbines, turbo-compressors, turbo-chargers, ventilators, commutators, automotive couplings, HSG grinding bodies.
Main areas of application are:

  • Material strengthening by acceleration of the test specimen up to yield point of the material,
  • Strength test with over speed as part of quality assurance,
  • Burst tests of test specimen as part of new and further rotor developments,
  • LCF tests (creep test) for the investigation of material fatigue,
  • HCF testing of engine parts under operating conditions.
Characteristics of the Machine

Mechanical Structure

The spin test system contains a vacuum-sealed chamber with integrated burst protection. It is designed to absorb the expected fragment energy of the rotor burst. Up to size Centrio 100, the machine is placed directly on shop floor. As of size Centrio 150, the chamber is partially embedded in the floor to improve rotor handling. The chamber lid is designed for very high internal pressures and equipped with an automatic locking device. It is therefore secured against axial fracture energy or dust explosions.

Schenck offers different types of sound insulations for the Centrio sizes. Thus, an optimized noise level is achieved for your test application and installation site.

Energy Efficieny

With extensive LCF tests, the energy consumption for acceleration and deceleration of the rotor is very high – especially when considering ventilation losses. With the use of AC servomotors it is possible to feed back the energy into the power grid. In comparison to other types of drives this results in considerable advantages in costs of operation. The reduction normally is approx. 85%, with favorable conditions, they may be as high as 95%.

Safety Concept

The spin test system is equipped with an extensive safety concept in order to provide maximum safety in all situations. In addition to mechanical safety components such as the burst protection, an effective lid locking device or the safety contact ring, all systems are equipped with a comprehensive electronic monitoring and error diagnostics system. During the test run, this system permanently monitors all relevant data such as speed, pressure, vibrations and temperature. These measured values are compared with preset values. If theses values exceed the thresholds, the brake procedure is instantly initiated. In case of a rotor burst, a shock sensor initiates the deceleration of the drive with maximum torque.


CAST 2 is the main system which collects, analyses, and monitors measured data and parameters. It supports 64 analogue and digital measuring channels e.g. for speed, shaft vibration, vacuum and temperature. Furthermore, CAST 2 supports the fully automatic control of over-speed tests and test cycles. It provides user-friendly visualisation of all values in online and offline mode.


Certain applications require additional functions of spin test systems. The following extensions are available by Schenck:

  • Heating by radiation, air circulation and induction. Temperatures up to 1000°C can be achieved.
  • Cooling by spraying or immersing the rotor in liquid nitrogen or liquid helium. Here, temperatures as low as -265°C are possible.
  • Spin Balancing for vibration reduction of the rotor-tooling-assembly.
  • Data Transmission of measuring values via telemetry systems or slip ring systems.
  • Radial Growth Measurement: Determination of the speed-dependent growth of a rotor.
  • Crack Detection by monitoring the vibration behavior.
  • High Speed Video camera.
  • Tooling design and production taking into account rotor dynamic effects.



Schenck RoTec opens Green Technology Center for innovative rotor test

The ongoing transformation towards e-mobility requires continuous innovations in drive technology and in the manufacturing of new, efficient rotors. To better support customers from the e-mobility sector, Schenck RoTec is opening the new Green Technology Center in Darmstadt on July 10th.



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