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Pasio 5

Universal balancing machine for rotors up to 5 kg

Pasio 5 - Universal balancing machine for rotors up to 5 kg
  • Compact design
  • Small space requirement
  • Fast and uncomplicated set up
  • Installation without foundations
  • Highest measuring accuracy
  • Ergonomic operator concept
  • Quick change-over from workpiece to the next
  • Suitable for magnetized rotors

Special features

  • Space-saving single-unit design with integral measuring station and measuring unit
  • Easy to operate through permanent calibration – requires no calibration runs
  • Correction in two planes or separate according to static and couple unbalance is possible
  • Rotors can be mounted on their original shafts or on mounting arbors, complete assemblies can be installed in their housing
  • Automatic measuring cycle with infinitely variable settings for acceleration, measuring and braking time.

Range of application

Universal balancing machine Pasio 5 is ideally suited to extremely small work-pieces such as miniature armatures, miniature fans and complete assemblies. They are conceived for use in research and development, in batch production or in repair shops.

Change-over to new rotor types is straightforward and only requires a minimum of time.

Unbalance correction is made manually by addition of material (e.g. balancing plasticine) directly on the machine or by removal of material on optional manually operated or semi-automated machining units.


  • Hard-bearing, horizontal balancing machine with permanent calibration for standing or seated operator
  • The complete workplace consists of the following major components: machine table, mechanical balancing unit comprising roller bearings or V-blocks, belt drive, measuring instrument and control system
  • The machine can be installed without foundations and without bolts and is immediately ready for operation
  • Measuring CAB 820 (basic measuring unit)
  • Optional: Measuring device CAB 920 - the high end solution regarding operation, versatility and accuracy
Technical data
Data at a glance    Rollers  V-Blocks         
Weight, max.  [kg]         
Diameter, max.  [mm]  150  150         
Journal distance, max  [mm]  240  240         
Journal diameter  [mm]  5 - 22  2 - 22         
Journal diameter optional  [mm]  21 - 40           
Width 1)  [mm]  602           
Depth 1)  [mm]  785           
Height 1)  [mm]  925           
Total weight  [kg]  135           
Power supply    230 V AC, 50 Hz           
Belt drive    Tangential with flat belt from bottom 1)  Tangential with O-rings from bottom         
Drive power  [W]  100  100         
Automatic angle indexing    included  included         
Min. achievable residual unbalance Umar 2)  [gmm/kg]  0,1  0,1         
Max. sensitivity CAB 820  [gmm]  0,3  0,2         
Max. sensitivity CAB 920  [gmm]  0.15  0.1         
3-colour painting     RAL 7035 (light grey), RAL 7024 (graphite grey), RAL 5014 (blue-grey)           
Sound Pressure Level (with class C protection)  [LpA [dB(A)]]  < 60            
Measuring devices               
    CAB 802           
    CAB 920 with touch-screen operation           
    Protection in accordance with ISO 7475 Class C (protection against parts flying off)           
    Test rotor (500 g) wtith test weights           
    External interfaces for printers and network (CAB 920)           
    Color printer for report print-outs           
    Graduation scanning as reference and angle position sensor           
1) Convertible to overhead tangential belt drive               
2) Min. achievable residual unbalance per plane                


The focus is on long-term corporate goals such as international growth and the development of new markets, particularly in Asia

As of March 1, Martin Schreiber, a graduate engineer and previously Regional CEO & President Industrial Asia Pacific at Schaeffler, will take over the management of BENZ, the Baden-Wuerttemberg-based specialist for CNC aggregate technology.



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