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2nd hand machines, purchase and sale

  • Horizontal balancing machines, manual operation, universal machines
  • Vertical balancing machines, manual operation or semi-automatic, universal machines, with or without mass correction systems
  • Other machines, such as electronic connecting rod scales, static balancing machines, spin test systems, etc.

Do you want to improve your manufacturing quality with balancing, but only have a limited budget available? Do you need a solution urgently without a long delivery time? The answer: a second-hand balancing machine. Many of the machines we have available are not old or outdated, and still have potential for years of service in tough conditions.

Purchasing used machines from the manufacturer guarantees first choice when it comes to second-hand products. Depending on their condition, the machines are repaired, thoroughly overhauled or updated to a more recent state of technology. After exhaustive checking and recalibration on our test equipment, they are then ready for new tasks. Our machinery market is therefore the right (market) place for opportunities, where you are certain to find the equipment to meet your needs.

Take advantage of concealed values in your production, create room for new tasks and save disposal costs. We buy up Schenck machines which are no longer needed, which are not worth repairing or which are to be replaced by economical solutions. Take advantage of our valuation service and give us a call. We will also be happy to arrange transactions between sellers and potential interested purchasers.

Do you need temporary in-house balancing capacity? We can recommend a suitable solution, check the availability and hire out new or used machines at reasonable terms.


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