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Schenck RoTec offers a new service app for users in balancing technology

Just in time for the EMO, Schenck RoTec unvails its new Service+ app for users of balancing technology. Machine operators, maintenance personnel and technicians now have a powerful mobile tool with a range of smart features and functions to assist in optimizing the up-time of their balancing systems. The new Service+ app simplifies the process of contacting the Service department, reduces response times, facilitates component identification and supports error analyses. This app allows spare parts requests to be dispatched quickly and faults to be eliminated rapidly – or even prevented altogether. The new Service+ app from Schenck RoTec can be used for all balancing machines offered by the company – regardless of the construction year.

It's a smart, intelligent and easy-to-use tool for all technicians whose tasks include the balancing of tools, shafts or other rotating workpieces on Schenck RoTec machines. We're referring to the new Service+ app of the Darmstadt-based manufacturing company that is being introduced for the first time at this year's EMO in Hanover.

At trade fair stand B45 in Hall 6 machine operators, maintenance personnel and technicians can find out how they can optimize the availability of their balancing system with the aid of this new app. After registering the balancing machine by means of a barcode scan or by entering its serial number, a fast direct connection is established from the machine to Schenck RoTec Support to aid in identifying faults, and dispatching relevant information via the apps messaging or video communication capability. The Multi-Channel Mode of the app also allows independent offline work, with additional features facilitating the creation of routine inqueries regarding maintenance dates or the availability of spare parts.

The entire functional range of the new Service+ app from Schenck RoTec is designed to better identify technical malfunctions or operating errors, thus allowing them to be eliminated altogether. Users now have a mobile, flexible service tool they can use to considerably optimise all service support for balancing machine needs – conveniently, easily and with minimum effort!

Cross-generational use

The new Service+ app from Schenck RoTec can be used for all machine generations produced by the company, regardless of the year of construction of the systems. Users can use it both on a smartphone and on a tablet PC with standard Internet access. After a short online registration (login), the entire range of functions and services of the app is available to them. The new app is an exciting addition to the growing selection of innovative smart services that Schenck RoTec offers for balancing technology. This portfolio also includes RoTec’s Fingerprint analysis tool developed for preventive maintenance strategies, which is used for the individual monitoring of balancing machines.

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