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Schenck RoTec opens Green Technology Center for innovative rotor test



Schenck RoTec opens Green Technology Center for innovative rotor tests


The ongoing transformation towards e-mobility requires continuous innovation in drive technology and in the production of new, efficient rotors. In order to provide even better support to customers in the e-mobility sector, Schenck RoTec is opening the new Green Technology Center in Darmstadt on July 10. The global market leader in balancing technology is bundling all its services relating to the development and production of rotors here.  
Increasing performance requirements are leading to ever higher rotational speeds for rotors. To ensure that new products can withstand the resulting higher centrifugal forces, they must be tested as early prototypes. Schenck RoTec's Technical Consulting supports manufacturers with its many years of experience in the field of rotor testing, analysis and process consulting, including with the help of spin tests and burst analyses. In addition, all the necessary certification services for Schenck balancing machines are now offered under one roof in the company's own test laboratory.

Benefits in the development of new rotors

By bundling the test facilities in the Green Technology Center, the turnaround times for rotor tests are significantly accelerated. The central arrangement and modern machinery make it possible to carry out tests and adjustments faster and more precisely. This leads to improved product quality and shorter development cycles. This support provides customers with valuable information on the behavior of the rotor. For example, a cycle test simulates the behavior of the rotor over its service life. A burst test can also be used to find the speed at which a rotor fails - and high-speed images can be used to determine the exact point at which the rotor had its weak points. Based on these findings, customers can optimize and further develop their rotors.

Equipment of the Green Technology Center

The Green Technology Center is equipped with several spin stands. Each stand stands on its own foundation in order to be able to absorb the forces in possible rotor bursts. After the spin tests, the rotors are geometrically measured in a specially equipped measuring room with three high-precision coordinate measuring machines. In this way, deformations of the rotors as a result of the spin tests can be precisely analyzed. In an upstream room, rotors can be brought to the stable temperatures required for the measurement. In addition, the center has several balancing machines from the Pasio 50 and Pasio 15 series to determine even the smallest changes in unbalance caused by the spin tests. Office and meeting rooms are located on the second floor.

Challenges in the construction phase and successful opening

The construction of the Green Technology Center presented challenges: the building on the Schenck RoTec site in Darmstadt was erected in the existing building. Unexpected existing foundations that were discovered during the construction work resulted in unplanned additional work. In addition, the centrifugal casting stands and coordinate measuring machines were relocated - this required precise timing in order to disrupt ongoing operations as little as possible.
With the opening of the Green Technology Center, Schenck RoTec has reached another milestone in its company history, which is steeped in tradition, and has committed itself to Darmstadt as a science location.


Here you can find more information about the Green Technology Center.


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Schenck RoTec is the world market leader in the field of balancing technology and has 17 subsidiaries and joint ventures with seven production sites worldwide. In addition, there are over 36 representatives and offices on all five continents. The Schenck RoTec Group supplies industries such as automotive and automotive suppliers, electrical industry, aerospace, turbo machinery industry, and general mechanical engineering with innovative technologies.

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