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Schenck RoTec presented a new universal balancing machine at the EMO

Schenck RoTec introduced its new universal balancing machine at the EMO 2023. Equipped with Schenck ONE measuring software, the new Pasio is designed for a wide range of rotors and is available in three size gradations: up to 100kg (Pasio 100), up to 300kg (Pasio 300) and up to 700kg (Pasio 700). 

The new Pasio is extremely versatile thanks to its modular system and extensive accessories. This makes it the ideal solution for different industries and a wide range of applications. 

Many different applications thanks to great flexibility 

Fans, spindles, electric armatures, compressors – rotors have to be measured, balanced and checked in many industrial applications. With the new Pasio, smaller businesses and workshops as well as manufacturers and OEMs can now choose the optimum machine for horizontal balancing. This universal balancing machine is not just designed for a specific rotor type. It covers the entire spectrum from cylindrical rotors with their own shaft journals through to disc-type rotors with intermediate shafts. Suitable for both single rotors and series, it measures imbalances, determines their position, supports the operator in compensation and performs check measurements. The new Pasio can accommodate rotor weights from 1 to 700 kilograms with its three size classes. The intelligent concept as a modular system offers all users a larger choice of accessories and thus more flexibility. 

Sustainable balancing in a modern design 

The concept of the new Pasio is based on three parameters: sustainability, form & function, and global use. On the subject of sustainability, a product carbon footprint (in accordance with ISO 14067) of 6 to 16 tonnes CO2 equivalents over the entire life cycle of 15 years was determined in cooperation with Fraunhofer IBP. The values vary depending on scenario (frequency of machine operation and particularly the electricity mix used). In terms of design, the principle of “form follows function” was implemented systematically in all areas, including the software. During the course of development, the operating concept was repeatedly adapted to make the balancing process even more intuitive. As a modular system, the new Pasio is the perfect balancing solution for the global market. In this way, internal company standards can easily be established on an international basis.  

Award-winning Schenck ONE software solution provides support for every process step  

The Schenck ONE software solution ensures problem-free operation throughout the entire balancing process. Schenck ONE provides support when creating rotor types for future balancing tasks, assists machine operation, stores and documents the measured results, and provides information on machine maintenance and performance.  

The Schenck ONE has changed the market since it was introduced at the EMO in 2019. The Red Dot award-winning software impresses above all with its user guidance and associated short familiarization times, reliable task execution, and location-independent cooperation.


Find out more about the new Pasio 100/300/700 here.

About Schenck RoTec

Schenck RoTec is a global market leader in the field of balancing and diagnostics technology and has over 17 subsidiaries and joint ventures with seven production facilities around the world. It also has over 36 representations and offices on all five continents The Schenck RoTec Group supplies innovative technologies to industries such as the automotive manufacturing and supplier industry, electrical industry, aviation and aerospace, turbomachinery construction and general mechanical engineering. 

Schenck RoTec is part of the Dürr Group, one of the world's leading mechanical and plant engineering firms with extensive expertise in automation, digitalization and energy efficiency. Its products, systems and services enable highly efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes in different industries.

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