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Cardano – Efficient balancing of cardan shafts for commercial vehicles

Large diversity – Small lot sizes: This is the challenge in the production of single and double-joint cardan shafts for commercial vehicles. And we have designed Cardano to manage this balancing act: for the efficient balancing of medium- and heavy-duty cardan shafts. The balanced combination of manual operating steps and automated processes is particularly worthwhile when it comes to small and medium-sized volumes and it optimises processes reliability in production. The result: shorter cycle times in serial production as well as for high-performance maintenance operations.


The intuitive operating concept and the good accessibility to all operating elements of the machine makes the balancing of heavy-duty cardan shafts quick and reliable.

Manual loading and unloading can be conveniently performed with Cardano. The very low accommodation depth as well as the assembly deposit points support machine operators in installing the shaft in the machine. The sectional safety door with its large opening allows easy use of lifting equipment.

The measurement run for the determination of the unbalance on cardan shafts is performed automatically. The required correction weights are then directly shown for each position.

For the correction of unbalances, the machine operator places the previously determined weights into the integrated welding gun and guides it to the correction position. For easy handling, the welding gun is pneumatically supported in the radial direction. Cycle time reductions can be achieved with the use of an optional second welding gun. Further optimisation can be achieved with the use of automatic clamp tooling – the cardan shaft is clamped into the mounts always with exactly the same force.

This combination of manual operating steps and fully automated processes improves efficiency for small and medium-size volumes and increases process reliability in the production of cardan shafts.

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