Faces of the company

Director Business Unit Service

Nadine E.


After graduating from college, I knew that I wanted a hands-on job and that it should provide leeway for internal optimisation. Talking with people, finding solutions, working in a strong team, and most importantly for me: plenty of variety! And this is also what I found in my function of Director Business Unit Service.

Customer proximity and service quality
Our work involves a lot of things that are not for the faint-hearted: Scheduling maintenance and repairs, finding the right spare parts, marketing new services and advising customers who need quick help on the phone – and all of this in an international market environment.


Sebastian K.


Construction is a creative process which could not be more interesting and versatile: From initial checks concerning technical feasibility to clarification with suppliers as well as the development of a new product...we deal with things that are really fun.

The word teamwork is nothing new here
The work with our colleagues in sales, our international customers and our experienced specialists in assembly and in the testing field is outstanding.

Exciting tasks
After graduating from the University of Darmstandt, I found the perfect role at RoTec.

Vice President / CFO,
Schenck Corporation, USA

Uwe G.


After heading Finance and Accounting at Schenck RoTec in Darmstadt for 10 years, I was given the opportunity to go to the US as Vice President/CFO. As CFO, I am Commercial Director of the Schenck subsidiaries in North and Central America.

Anything but boring!
My tasks include financial risk management, financial planning, as well as financial reporting to the division headquarter in Darmstadt. Schenck is active in three locations in North America and one location in Mexico, with which I am in constant contact and which I visit regularly. Frequent travel is therefore part of my daily life.

Diversity is deeply ingrained in our company culture
As early as during my time at the headquarter in Darmstadt, I was in contact with my colleagues in Germany and overseas as Finance and Accounting Consultant and was therefore able to visit almost all company locations, making many friends. These international contacts were very rewarding so that moving to the US was an easy step for me.


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Schenck is expanding its portfolio for the tire industry

The Japanese Schenck joint venture is purchasing technology for tire uniformity testing



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